THANK YOU to all of you who were here this year for our FOURTH (!) season of SotA. It was a joy to host you, to take care of you, to be taken care of by you. It’s powerful to see the community expand each year, to see new folx take the leap, and to see family return home each May. It’s magic to see your lives transformed, to see our lives transformed, and to see the community practice collective learning AND collective care, all in the same space. We talk more and more each year about how to hold SotA with us after the experience each year ends. For those of us who have been here every year, I think we do see it seep a bit more into our “waking” lives (let’s be real, SotA is a dream) each year, and I think a lot of that will happen if we work to bring the elements of this community into every day with intention. Host a gas class in your living room, share your resources, care for folks actively, listen deeply, activate the spaces that you are in in unexpected and engaging ways.


📸by Suzi Sadler