Our ideal student is someone who is looking for more...Maybe they are in an institutional 4-year-degree and cannot decide on a major. Maybe they are a transient traveler, working service jobs to pay the bills. Maybe they have retired from working 30 years in a job that didn’t fulfill their real desires. At School of the Alternative, students will even have the opportunity to be instructors, too. 

During each session, a student can attend as many classes or as little classes as they would like. School of the Alternative encourages self discovery and passion driven learning. 


The cost to attend School of the Alternative is $400/week. 
We are very grateful to those who can pay for their stay in full, as this allows us to offer need-based financial aid to talented students who would be unable to attend otherwise.

Each session, we will offer both half and full scholarships.
Financial Aid is based on need. If you are interested in applying for Financial Aid or supporting a need based scholarship, please let us know.