Bill DanielDIY Touring Strategies for Visual and Media Art - This workshop draws a parallel between DIY music networks and the potential for artists in other disciplines to reach non-traditional art audiences in cities and towns across the U.S.

Joe Ahearn Analog Data Management - Graphs, maps. diagrams and other tools for sketching out imperfect explanations of a complex world.

Charlie Ahearn - How Hip-Hop Transformed Contemporary Art - Epic, multi-part, "big-picture" lecture on the history of Hip-Hop and it's after effects from a pioneer of the genre. 

Celie Dailey - Natural and Cultural History of the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains - Field trips to natural sites within a close proximity of Black Mountain. Emphasized are variations of plant communities with changes in climate or altitude, and the range of medicinal and alternate uses by humans. 

Mark Boswell - Conceptual Art and Espionage Bootcamp - The class will actively participate in training methods used by numerous espionage organizations like the CIA, MI6, Interpol, etc. - in order to develop skills in stealth operations, diversion, detournment, video production, photography, and other fields. 

Victoria Keddie - Thinking Televisual - A theory and studio combined course that explores the television as a medium, synthetic environments, live mixing, alternative broadcast and transmission, understanding signal, and tapping into the ionosphere. 

Ian Vanek - In the Pocket - a class to know you're part of a greater work. The idea of toppling the elephant isn't an easy one to understand but it takes silence and fury, Teaching the artist how to be "in the pocket", to enter any situation with the confidence to put their energy into the world to make it better. 

Stephen Zacks – Contextually Sensitive Mind Bending – We bring a 15,000 lumen projector from Flint and create a mobile 3D projection-mapping installation that reflects communities back to themselves through live video while introducing disjunctive and experimental elements that reshape the experience of space and place. 

Alexander Chaparro – A New Image of Thought – An exploration of anti-State philosophers, writers, and socio/cultural thinkers that have brought forward dynamic difference and experimentation to their respective fields of inquiry. The idea is to create an open forum so that together, as a group, we can find new terrain that we did not know existed before. 

Andrew Lloyd Goodman – Taste and Smell (Adventures in Chemosensation) – An experience in cultivating perception of taste and smell through multiple panels. Building vocabulary and confidence in how we perceive the world around us through taste and smell. 

Sara Bright – Contemporary Fresco Experimentation – Bringing the medium of fresco into the picture of what is happening in the Contemporary Art conversation while embracing the folk tradition of hands-on instruction, and person-to-person transmission. 

Michael Menchaca – Printmaking Workshop – Students will learn to make their own screenprints using photo-emulsion techniques. Application will focus toward installation-based studio practices, site, space, and audience interaction. 

Suzy Gonzalez – Artists Respond to The Sexual Politics of Meat – A lecture on women artists who explore The Sexual Politics of Meat by Carol J. Adams, and vegan-feminist theories within their work. 

Charlie McAlister – My Days of Recording – Lecture me while we talk about me… Facades and Parapets another project for existentiali scuzzi… primitive recording techniques and Vhs video… why you should not have a tape label

Adam Rush & Jesse Lacy – Film & Animation – Experimentation with the moving image. Tools & Techniques, Analogue & Digital, Alternative Working Methods & Creative Approach. No experience needed. 

Susanne Boswell Jamie Kulhanek – Lose Your Mind and Come to Your Senses – In the spirit of Black Mountain College, we will experiment with a variety of methodologies such as Fluxus instructions, chance operations, mindfulness, and neuroscience to explore all senses. 

Bill Daniel – Junk Cam – Methods and apparatus for Low-Fi B/W photography using paper negatives and building/improvising cameras from junk. 

Marian Ochoa – LAUGH TO KEEP FROM CRYING Comedy Night – Performing some comedy related to teaching, higher education, having a “real” job, and institutions. I invite anyone to join me in talking in front of people loudly with the intent of making them laugh to keep from crying. 

Nelle Dunlap – Tablows Vivant – A series of posed scenes to communicate a story or idea. In between each scene is a mini dance party. At night, with dramatic lighting! With some bodies involved. 

Ricki Dwyer – Giant Loom Weaving – Deisgn and construction of a loom larger than us. Weaving will take place outside, where multiple bodies moving quite aerobically to operate, will be a successful initiative in collaborative design, and group choreography. 

Jefferson Vimana – 3D, Illusions, and Magic – How to make compositions appear 3 dimensional with the aid of 3D glasses and then farther into understanding light & illusions to train one to see without the aid of any glasses. This will be quite holistic and will involve scientific discussions and a little magic. 

Tim Kerr - DIY in the Late 70's & Early 80's and What Is Missing Today - Former guitarist for the seminal 80's DIY band "The Big Boys" and current neo-folk contemporary painter, Tim Kerr speaks about the formation of the National Do-It-Yourself underground, and how we can help make today's culture more supportive, inclusive, and collaborative. 

G. Lucas Crane - Con/Temporary Time Travel - An exploration of the concept of time via the constantly occurring Present in performance, the audio cut-up method, and the disruption of the human Past and Future reflex. 

Heidi Tullmann – Sign Painting and Radical Movements – From drafting to brush lettering, spacing, weight, angles, consistency, and shadows. Instruction on the electro pounce, a specialized tool used for pattern making which does not use a computer… and how this all relates to radical movements in America. 

Astrid Kaemmerling – Walking Art Experiments at Blue Ridge Assembly and the Town of Black Mountain – This course will introduce participants to the walking art research methodologies of the Situationist International and beyond. Using the derive and extended walking art practices, participants and instructors will explore the psychogeography of the YMCA and downtown Black Mountain. 

Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels - No Math Architecture - This class will make stable structures without the use of overly complicated methods. Measuring tapes are strongly discouraged. No experience necessary.

Max Lawrence – Electric Fingtarz – The Fingtar is an electrico acoustica instrument based on the Kalimba. It’s made from humble materials total cost $10. It comprises a range of fabrication elements including piezo mics and building the amp. 

Lee Ann Brown - A Living Poetics - Poesis means "to make" and everything we do as artists and humans dwelling together has its own poetics. This class will gather people together to discover ways that the poetic can manifest in all art forms, and to try our hands at the experience of writing poems in new ways, collaboratively and individually. 

Clint Sleeper – Anarchist Practices – Students experiment with, assemble, and distribute a physical guide and an online project drawing on Abbie Hoffman’s “Fuck the System”. 

Audrey Snyder & Joe Riley – Micro/project – What is a project? Where do they come from? What roles do scale, duration, notions of accomplishment, context, action, urgency, and presentation play in the course of a project? 

Andrew H. Shirley - Relinquishing Self – Confronting the mind/ body dualism as a means to understanding what exists on the other side of these boundaries. Students will participate in a field experiment and will treat it as a meditation on fate. Field notes in the form of personal diaries of writings and audio/ video recordings will be shared. 

Delilah Rose Knuckley & Crystal Stokowski – Unlearning Cherokee – Inspired by local, Black Mountain history, as well as personal ancestory. A group exploration of commercial Native American myth VS reality. 

Joscelyn Jurich – Abandoned Alexander Farm – A showing of work from the “Abandoned Catskills” project, in addition to a walk, writing, and photography workshop to the ruins of the Alexander Farm in Black Mountain, NC. 

Ryan Seslow – GIF Animation, Mobil Art Making, and New Media Art on the Run – This course is an introduction to generating New Media Art using multiple mobile and desktop software platforms. Learn how to convert your applied art works into digital new media based works. Become a Mobil studio and animate anything! 

Chanelle Bergeron – Moon by Moon – Flower Essences, tincture making from on-site foraging, meditation, and listening. 

Miranda Maynard – Social Practice & Anti-Capitalism – Looking at, and reading about, Social Practice and de-materialized forms as a means of reconsidering the relationship between art as a product and the art market. 

Christopher Lee – Racial and Queer Imaginaries – This class engages the capacity of artistic imagination to build in tandem with racial justice and queer movements. We’ll read and discuss key texts in critical race and queer studies, and explore how aesthetic and activist imaginations mutually inflect. 

Rob Sebrell – A Brief History of Skateboarding & Art – It is virtually impossible to share a complete history of skateboarding as it relates to the arts. That being said, students will learn about the rise of skateboarding from a DIY outsider subculture to a mainstream sport, as well as the art history of skateboard graphics & skate videos. 

Adam Void – Local History at the Town Pump – Black Mountain History at the downtown dive bar with old local drunks. On Cherry St. in the old Greyhound station, one block up from the train station where the Albers’ arrived. Learn about segregation, party houses, and how the drummer for Skynyrd lives here, all while getting wasted.