School of the Alternative is asking that you give. Currently, all faculty, staff, and administrative positions are unpaid. All supplies ARE donated, and tuition solely covers the cost of our base budget. With your help, we can change all of this.



Support SotA Financially

At SotA, our current budget (funded through tuition from paying students) covers the cost of food, lodging, transportation (gas to and from airports to pick folks up), and operational expenses (storage unit, PO box, email, and website expenses). 

All else will be funded through generous donations both inside and outside of our community. Many of our class supplies in the past have been donation based, and every donation (even just a few dollars!), is immensely helpful to our incredibly bare bones, DIY budget. 


Currently all faculty and staff are volunteers

ADDITIONAL SUPPLIES: Right now 100% of our supplies are donated

ADDITIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS: We have a number of partial and full scholarships built into our current budget, but the more money we raise, the more folks can come to SotA at no cost, and the more accessible we can be.

NET/DEPOSIT FOR 2020: If we have the financial assurance that our following year will happen, it frees us up to use our energies to focus on planning for our next year without the stress of making ends meet.

Donate Resources

Currently, almost all of our class supplies are donated by those inside and outside of our community. If you have access to resources that could be helpful to our community, this is a huge way to support this project. Anything from projectors, to music equipment, to paint, to paper, every extra resource is a massive help to our community!

Grassroots Support

Our community is predominately grown through spreading the word! We currently have a minimal advertising budget, so most of our community hears about our program through word of mouth or press.

Do you have a press resource who might want to cover SotA? Do you know someone who could benefit from the student experience? Do you know folks who are passionate about sharing, and would be interested in applying to teach with us? Can you flyer in your area? We can provide you with the resources (poster files, verbiage, email templates, etc) to share our call for applications!