Student Apps Still Open! + Help Us Meet Our 2018 Needs

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Student Applications for our May
2018 Session

We are still accepting applications on a rolling basis for our session this May! We are so excited about our fantastic class lineup, and we would love for you to join us for 1, 2, or 3 weeks! At School of the Alternative, we aim to provide a passion-driven model of education that encourages greater possibilities for thought, creation, and collective action. As a student, you will even have the opportunity to teach pop up style classes, and tuition includes all meals,+ 9 radical classes to choose from each week. We'll all live together in a lodge on a beautiful campus in Black Mountain, North Carolina, the original campus of Black Mountain College!

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At SotA, our current budget (funded through tuition from paying students) covers the cost of food, lodging, transportation (gas to and from airports to pick folks up), and operational expenses (storage unit, PO box, email, and website expenses). All supplies are donated, and all faculty and staff are working as volunteers. Monetary donations are prioritized for our deposit for 2019, stipends for faculty and staff, and class supplies. 

$$$ is not the only way you can help, though! We are also in need of basic art supplies, as well as additional kitchen supplies. Can you help us meet our 2018 needs? We are so appreciative of any donation, from $5 or a few packs of markers to $500 or a food processor, every donation is massively helpful!