We are so grateful for anything that you can contribute to our community!

We will happily accept used items in any functioning condition. Some of the items below have links to product examples - these are just examples, and we would be thrilled with any similar item!

Art Supplies

Paint (all types)
Colored Pencils
Drawing Pads
Glue sticks
Paint Brushes (all types)
Art Papers, large and small
Exacto knives
Cutting mats
Drop cloths
All sorts of tape: Double stick, masking, painters, duct
Any other art supplies you can imagine!

General Supplies

Large Flatbed Scanner
Audio Equipment: Amp, Microphones, Speakers
Floor Cushions
Table Lamps
First Aid Kit

Kitchen supplies

Long Spatulas - 2-3
Food Processor
Knives - 2-3
Knife Sharpener
Big Pots - 32qt, 20qt (1 32 qt, 2 20 qt)
Big Colander
Mixing bowl - 20 qt
Mixing bowl - 13qt - pack of two
Cut resistant gloves

Donations can be sent to:

PO Box 711
Black Mountain, NC

If you have an item that you would like to donate that is not on the list!