Help Us Make 2019 Happen!

We're amidst a lot of work towards our 2019 session, and below are some areas where we could use help! If you would like to be more intimately involved in preparing for next summer, we have a SLACK team where conversations are happening around these topics and more, there will be active To Do lists, etc. - please email us if you would like to be included in that! 

Let us know areas that you're interested in helping with, and we'll set you up!


spreading the word!

This might seem basic, but really, truly, we need your help with this. We have had trouble reaching student capacity the past few years, and we are excited to see even more faculty applications this year, too! We need your help printing out flyers from our 2019 posters folder and hanging them in your area, reaching out to your friends and contacts, forwarding our newsletter about the app release to your former professors, reaching out to communities in your area that may be outside of your personal contacts, posting on social media, etc. We need ALL OF US to make this happen!

This may also mean hosting an informative dinner, or

Grants + Fundraising


Would you like to design posters for our call for student + faculty applications? And/or can you distribute them in your area? Current posters are in the above folder, and poster copy is here.


Are you interested in writing Press Releases, general writing, or even copy editing what's been written? All are so helpful! Hit us up if this is your skill set, an immediate need in this area is the writing of a press release about our call for applications once they are released in the beginning of November. 


Right now a percentage of our student body will attend on scholarship. This year we have decided to try to work with community organizations that serve underserved communities in sponsoring our scholarships. Will you reach out to community organizations in your area to sponsor our scholarships to help widen the reach of our community? 

food + drink sponsorships!

Help us get free shit! This simply involves reaching out to organizations and requesting donations of food, boos, coffee, etc. etc. etc. We have a request email for both food + drink set up already! Both the FOOD, COFFEE, ETC and BEER templates can be edited, then copied and pasted into the body of an email. You can reach out to peeps that you have connections with, or just blindly approach people. We got free stuff last year using both methods.