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For each of the 5 areas the minimum requirement will be 2 hours of leading work service 6 days a week. You would be responsible for leading your work service group each morning, as well as being prepared for what each day's work service group will entail. For Garden, Archive, and Operations, and Sanitation. we will have 1 staff member per 2 week session. For Kitchen we have a staff lead + two additional staff members. 


We are seeking staff members for 1 session, Our Sessions are as follows: Session 1: May 6-May 18th   |   Session 2: May 20th-June 1st

Staff members are currently volunteer positions. Right now we are an all volunteer staff, including administration and faculty. Staff are allowed to sign up for classes once students have had the opportunity to do so, and are able to teach gas classes, attend all events, etc. as integral members of the community. Their main function at school is to help keep things running, so their first priority is their area of work. 

Kitchen leads will work in shifts to prepare three meals a day for students and faculty. You will also oversee small groups of students during work service both cooking and preparing for upcoming meals. Kitchen responsibilities include keeping inventory, preparing for your own meals and communicating with each other to prep for future meals. The meal plan is fairly loose so there is room for flexibility and creativity with students and faculty.

A good amount of our green produce comes from our plot in a local community garden. Everything is planted a few months before school so that they are ready to be harvested while we are in session. Garden responsibilities include daily trips to the plot to harvest, weed, and maintain our food. You will primarily be working with students in groups of 7 or 8 during work service.

The archive lead will be responsible for employing applicable systems for our physical archive. This includes leading work service groups and discussing the possible ways in which we can archive, and finding methods to organize and systematize those ideas. You will also discuss the means and possibilities of what an archive is/can be, and can be considered both digitally and physically.

Operations is the backbone of the day to day. Aiding in organization of daily activities, coordinating with teachers and faculty for their classroom needs, keeping track of and providing technical equipment are all part of this position. Operations will coordinate with faculty on a day to day basis to make sure that their classroom needs are taken care of. They will do the same for special events, etc. 

The sanitation work group is responsible for keeping our facilities clean and organized. Responsibilities will include organizing our common spaces including the dining room, kitchen and communal space, dividing after meals to help clean dishes in the kitchen, and doing a general sweep of the living quarters. Sanitation is not responsible for individual bedrooms. 


All of these roles are as conceptual as they are physical. (Dream Big)


Deadline to Apply: Friday, March 3rd

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