Khonsu Ra
Khonsu Ra is an Yogi Afro Futurist from Kansas City, KS.

Adam Rush is a self-taught film and creative media director who lives/works in Asheville, NC.  Rush has had a client list that includes MTV, Discovery Channel, VH1, Sony Records, among others and has worked for an artist list that includes MF Doom, Lil Wayne, Birdman, TYGA, Nicki Minaj, etc.

Sophie Cymone Bolla
Sophie Cymone Bolla is a multi-media artist, and aspiring art educator living in Chicago, Illinois. She is currently at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago working towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Concentration in Art Education. Her passions for technology, math, art, mental health, and education have led her to jobs with Teacher Programs at The Art Institute of Chicago Museum, The Oxbow School, Teacher Assistant in Continuing Studies Program at SAIC and Homan Square locations, as well as her current position as a Project FIRE Intern for ArtReach Chicago. She has participated in five group shows based out of Marshall J. Gardner Center for the Arts, 2nd Floor Rear, the Sullivan Galleries, ARTBASH, and Walla Fest. Her current project includes a collaboration with the SAIC Wellness Center where she is co-curating the Compassion Show as well as campus-wide programming in conjunction with the show.  The University of Helsinki (Finland) recently invited them to present their campus wide efforts at the CoPassion Symposium. She has also volunteered for a number of art education and/or mental health organizations such as NoStigmas, Art Therapy Studio Chicago Ltd, and SHoP (Southside Hub of Production). Her range of experiences have given her skills ranging from art administrative tasks to conceptualizing art-focused group activities to participating in and/or curating art installations.

Tim Kerr
Tim Kerr lives in Austin, TX with his wife Beth.  Tim became involved musically and artistically with the early stages of the DIY (Do It Yourself) punk/hardcore/self expression movement. The Big Boys, Poison 13, Bad Mutha Goose, Lord High Fixers,and Monkey Wrench are just some of the bands Tim was a founding member of. Tim is now a mural artist that has  being asked to show his artwork in the US and abroad from galleries including PS1 in New York, 96 Gillespie in London, Slowboy Gallery in Germany, and Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago.

Alexandra Velasco
Alexandra Velasco is an artist, performer, filmmaker and activist born in Mexico City. Represented by Maggie Knox in Miami, Alexandra lives and works in Los Angeles, a place that has begun to shape her work. Her voice, eyes and hands serve to tell non-linear stories, create time-warped moments and bend time in improbable scenarios. She is currently working on various film and art projects as well as opening up a studio in Chinatown. She tells stories about women that either live in her head or who can't tell their own stories.

Patrick Sandefur
Patrick Sandefur was a student in the second session of the inaugural year of the School of the Alternative (formally known as Black Mountain School) where he was a co-founder of “Black Mountain Radio”. Based in New York, He is a multimedia artist that employs a range of mediums from photography to sculpture.

In January 2017 he received Bodhisattva precepts from Richard Collins at the New Orleans Zen Temple and teaches Zen meditation in the Soto Tradition of Taisen Deshimaru.

Alexander Chaparro
I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where I graduated from Sociology with a focus on emancipatory social theory. I’m a member of the alternative arts education center Organizacion Nelson Garrido, and the collective publishing initiative Tercer Mundo. I recently completed my MA in Media Studies from the The New School, and I currently edit and publish Super Jodido, an interdisciplinary journal focused on the emergent art, literature and theory of Latin America. I participate in a free, anti-capitalist, educational initiative in New York called sundae school, which helps organize mutual education activities that do not require resources or infrastructure.

Zach Cooper
After escaping the savage clutches of his native NYC, Zach Cooper has retreated to the warm slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, like many New Yorkers before him. While He continues to develop his personal craft and collaboration with Vic Dimotsis, as King Garbage, Zach has been keenly focusing the aperture of intention behind his music. While attending the The University of Vermont, Zach was given the first ever Thomas L. Read Prize in Composition; an award presented by and with the namesake of his mentor/teacher, Thomas L. Read. Zach has fulfilled commissions for The New York Botanical Gardens, The Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble, St. Michael’s College and Black Mountain College Museum’s {Re}Happening among others. Zach has provided music for numerous short films and can be seen playing various instruments in bands like King Garbage, Free The Optimus, Searra Jade & The Jazzy Folk, The Bread & Butter Band, STENCIL/MAGIC and various ensebles and orchestras. Zach has produced music for several independant Hiphop/RnB artists, including Thurmon Green, Mike Live and Grammy-nominated artist, Jogyo.

Amir Hariri
Amir Hairi was born in Tehran, Iran, and immigrated to the U.S. to attend college in the early 1990’s. His broad academic and professional experiences and interacts, which include professional degrees in design and management from Cornell and Harvard Universities, form an integral part of his highly analytical and disciplined art practice and vision. Amir spent over 10 years working on design projects ranging from airports, stadiums, concert halls and museums to award-winning glass designs, such as stairs for various Apple stores. In addition, Amir spent 5 years studying painting and printmaking at the Art Students League of New York, during which time he also served as a teaching assistant and as a member of board of directors. His work incorporates this extensive professional background in design and engineering, together with rigorous studies of anatomy, into an organic, “bio-mechanical” unity. Amir has exhibited widely, both nationally and internationally with pieces included in various public and private collections in the U.S., as well as Spain, Italy and Japan.

Lindsey Freeman
Lindsey A. Freeman is a sociologist from atomic Appalachia who teaches, writes, and thinks about memory, nostalgia, space/place, and utopia. She is the author of Longing for the Bom: Oak Ridge and Atomic (UNC Press) and the editor of The Bohemian South (UNC Press). Freeman teaches sociology at Simon Fraser University, located on top of Burnaby Mountain, where the all-concrete Brutalist architecture provides the setting for many sci-fi fantasies and dreams for the future. Freeman is a member of the Centre for Imaginative Ethnography and the Institute of Incoherent Geography.

Andrew Haas
Andrew Haas is an interdisciplinary artists living in Baltimore, Maryland. Haas’ practice engages the esoteric to develop personal meaning and methods of Being in the World.

Anna Blair
Anna Blair is a writer, photographer, and educator from New Zealand. Her work focuses on intersections between place, politics, and aesthetics. She has previously worked at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and is currently completing a PhD in History of Architecture at Cambridge.

Benjamin Andrew
Benjamin Andrew is an interdisciplinary artist exploring the frontiers of storytelling and technology. He teaches art and design at the Pennsylvania State University, and has also infiltrated the biology department.

Liz Ainslie
Liz Ainslie is a painter living in Brooklyn, NY. Her work is an investigation into human perception through the historical language of abstraction in painting. Ainslie received an MFA from Tyler School of Art in 2004 and a BFA from Alfred University in 2001. She has had solo exhibitions at Airplane in Bushwick, Brooklyn and Creon Gallery in Manhattan. Her work has been included in shows at Ground Floor Gallery, Outlet Fine Art, Centotto, Parallel Art Space, Small Black Door, Sardine, Norte Maar, and A.I.R. gallery in Brooklyn; Valentine in Ridgewood, Queens; Lu Magnus, Artjail and Spazio 522 in Manhattan; Vox Populi and Ice Box Project Space in Philadelphia; BCB Fine Art and Imogen Holloway in upstate New York, and Gallerie Kritiku, Prague, Czech Republic. Her work has been reviewed in Giornale Dell' Arte,  ArtCal Zine, The GC Advocate, interviews with Ainslie can be found on blogs including And Freedom For, Pencil in the Studio, #fffffff Walls, Standard Interview, Otino Corsano. Her work is included in the Pierogi Flat Files.

Suzy Gonzalez
Suzy Gonzalez received her MFA from RISD and her BFA from Texas State University. She attended residencies at the Vermont Studio Center, the Trelex Residency at the Tambopata Research Center in Peru, the Wassaic Residency, and most recently, the Studios at MASS MoCA. Her latest exhibitions include the 6th Chicana/o Biennial at MACLA in San Jose, CA and United We Are One at the Plaza de Armas in San Antonio, TX. She is half of Yes, Ma’am zine who recently organized The Nasty Women Exhibition in San Antonio, TX. Upcoming exhibits include The Art of the Animal at the Animal Museum in Los Angeles and Mestizx Nation, a collaborative exhibition with Michael Menchaca at The University of Connecticut. She currently lives and works in San Antonio, TX.

Stephanie Sutton
Stephanie Sutton’s work utilizes photography, video installation, sculpture, and performance to probe transformative notions of discipline and pleasure. Employing herself as subject, she borrows from conventions of ritual and labor to embody ideas of self-control and complicate assumptions of the fat body. Sutton will receive her MFA in photography from the university of Georgia in May 2017.

Madeleine Cutrona
Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Madeleine Cutrona studied Anthropology and Studio Art at the University of Rochester and graduated with honors in 2008. She earned her MFA at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in 2012. Cutrona is a visual artist, former server, one-time automated wheelchair salesperson, artist-teacher, and arts service provider. Cutrona is the founding administrator of Bargain Basement University where students barter for knock-off college credits. Cutrona makes art about the world around her and the world she wants to exist. 

Lo Bil
Lo bil created performative experiments to correlate research into process, pleasure, vulnerability, risk, memory, agency, labour, an aesthetics of feeling and the impacts of a social location on identity. Lo finds images through physical improvisations, spoken loops, and material interactions. Her work is raw, amusing, transparent, and often involves creating a feedback loop with the audience. In 2016 lo presented work at AGO first Thursdays as a part of NO OBJECT collective; Summerworks Performance Festival, where she won the FADO Live Art Award; at panoply Lab NYC in the Post-Dance Converence’ in Montreal, for Victoria Stanton/Dare-Dare, WIVES Assemblee at Studio 303 and Words and {} a durational conference by School of Making Thinking. In 2015, at Month of Performance Art-Berlin and ITINERANT Performance Art Festival NYC. In 2014 at 7a 11d international Festival of Performance Art and 25 Hours for 25 Years of the DC Art Centre. Lo has an Honours BA from the University of Toronto in Semiotics, Cinema and Philosophy, is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory and a graduate of BMS, 2016. She has studied performance methods with artists and teachers from around the world for the past 20 years.

Elizabeth Ashe
Elizabeth Ashe is a D.C and Tacoma, WA based travelholic sculptor. She learned mold making from Preston Jackson and Steve Reber at SAIC and was hooked. She would make a mold from tree bark daily if she had room for them all.

Kyle Downs
Kyle Downs is a multimedia artist whose practice occupies a broad spectrum- from sculpture and video, to performance and installation. Often time based and marked by his physical occupation of a space, Downs’ work is typically a reaction to his surroundings. Previous projects have explored disassemblage and the resurgence of nature in ecosystems impacted by industry. Downs was born in Brunswick Maine, and he received his BFA from Maine College of Art. He has an MFA from the Ohio State University, where he now lives with his partner Heather Seymour and their daughter Ava.

Hilary Meehan
Each class will complete one project per student per meeting with new parameters and materials. One project will span all classes and potential for group projects each class, collaboratively- chance based systems will be pre-planned for each class but not announced beforehand. A new surprise element to thwart expectations of outcome and challenge the student out of their typical method of creation: mixed media material will be scavenged or brought.

Sidney Stretz
Sidney Stretz is an artist and educator from Columbia, MO currently residing in Greensboro NC. Her work is influenced by everyday struggles and situations, social anxiety and failed expectations.

Luan Joy Sherman
Luan Joy Sherman (loooo-en joi sureman), is a trans male, queer, 24 year old artist living in Brooklyn, NY and other places. He works with embroidery, photography, performance, weaving, plaster, video, and sound, to process and document his transition from female to male and make sense of gender, politics, freedom, and bodies. He bears witness and he makes space. In his spare time, he co-produces and manages a video documentary series called Roaming Gender, focused on connecting gender variant people throughout the world and providing a platform for their stories to be told. He has lived in Maine, South Carolina, Connecticut, Vermont, Savannah, Georgia, and Brooklyn. His favorite things are hot coffee, bike rides, identity politics, apples, meat alternatives, and spending time with his beautiful cat. 

James Williams & Chelsea Ragan
Chesea Ragan (b. 1984 in Thomasville, GA) is a multidisciplinary artist, mother, wife, DIY organizer, and curator based in Black Mountain, NC. She works from the archive of her experiences growing up a poor white girl from a South Georgia plantation town rooted with prejudice and hate. Her work takes a provocative approach to explorations of racial identity, cultural heritage, and social responsibilities.
James Williams II was born and raised in Upstate New York. He received his associate’s degree from S.U.N.Y. Ononodage Community College in 2002 and his bachelor’s degree from S.U.N.Y Cortland in 2004 located in Upstate New York. In 2009 he received his master’s degree from the Mount Royal School of Art from MICA in Baltimore, MD. James has been awarded the MFA Joan Mitchell Foundation award and the Bromo Seltzer Fellowship award. He has also served as artist-in-residence at School 33 in Baltimore, MD.

James’ works consist of large-scale oil paintings and sculptures. Artifacts from popular culture: vintage comic books, their bright color palettes and stylized figures; newspaper advertisements, selling items with distinctly dated promises; and finally, children books, with their lasting moral lessons inspire his work.

James lives in Baltimore, MD with his wife, Ty and their cute daughter Indigo Madison Williams.

Joel Nelson & Jess Marie Walker
Joel Nelson is an improviser, guitarist, and educator. He began playing at an early age with folk and bluegrass musician in his community. A couple of years later he was accepted at the University of Montevallo’s classical guitar program.  While studying at the university he learned how to read and write music from a highly renowned guitarist, Dr. Alan Goldspiel.  His studies promoted the discipline of classical guitar technique and musical education.  After graduating from college he began composing, performing, and teaching in the Birmingham, Alabama area where he learned about improvisation from many of the artists in the area.  Later in 2015 he would join the improvising ensemble flusnoix on tours of the southeast and put out two records with them. As of fall 2015 Joel is pursuing a two-year degree in musical improvisation at Mills College in Oakland California.  


Jess Marie's background varies as much as her interests. As a multidisciplinary artist her work is often highly collaborative and experimental. Her experiments with sound, form, line, and communications have been hosted in galleries and museums in Birmingham, Atlanta, Minneapolis, New York, and San Francisco, among other cities and towns in the U.S. She currently lives and works in Montevallo, Alabama. Following is a selection of collaborative exhibitions, performances, and projects she has directed or participated in, listed chronologically from present to 1994 :: flusnoix, flusnoix :: flusdrawxing Pretty/Much Collective Mountain Maker Cohorts, HoWaYaDa, forestial A:1 G.O.R.A.inMotus mono09pod, Up South, dig; book, nomenclature of my buckets., sweatmilk productions, deep red dirt, & Anomally Local.

Sarah Mendelsohn
Sarah Mendelsohn is an artist from New York working with and against narrative. SM co-produces Reconnaissance: an independent podcast about the construction of fictions and realities in political life. SM studied anthropology and visual art in Chicago, and the legacy of fascism in public space as a Fulbright Fellow in Vienna. 

Max Spitzer
Max Spitzer (b. 1990) is a teaching artist who lives and work in North Adams, MA. He creates sculpture and other objects mostly from composite materials and works as an educator in various capacities throughout New England.