School of the Alternative is a true DIY all-hands-on-deck community experience. Since we are a Non-Profit Corporation in the state of NC, we have chosen to operate with a Board of Directors model. Each of the members of the board have different roles and responsibilities, but hold an equal voice in the decision making process.

While this is a bit about our Board of Directors, and although this group does steer the ship in a certain sense, we take guidance and direction as just a small group of members of the much larger SotA community. Most importantly, we hope to provide space for all community members with interest to have agency in shaping the path of the school and our community. 

Nelle Dunlap | Durham, North Carolina
I was a child of the Iowa corn, and now live in Durham, NC. I spend my time here making dog music videos, playing bass in an all witch band called Gown, and designing web / graphic / media for a killer non-profit called NC Policy Watch. As a performer and community artist, I do my damndest to promote and create places where folks of marginalized gender, color, ability, body, and age can take up space at the front of the stage - both literally and metaphorically - and be powerful af.

Heidi Gruner | Asheville, North Carolina
I am a bold + excitable work in progress. I have worked as a curator, gallery director, graphic designer, and organizer, and my hope is to foster spaces of inevitable connection through determined and thoughtful work. Lately, I'm trying to be more empowered by doing things like taking my OWN picture to the hairdresser.

Lauren Panichelli |  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
A slobbery St. Bernard aspiring to be a standard show poodle. Aquarius/Oklahoma City/endurance performance artist and budding ceramicist. I’m interested in radical pedagogy, community, and getting stronger to work together.

Chelsea Ragan | Black Mountain, North Carolina |
She is a multidisciplinary artist, mother, wife, DIY organizer and curator based in Black Mountain, NC. Interests include redefining outsider/folk art for the 21 century, Artist vs. Motherhood relationship and art made in the American South. 

Adam Void | A Remote Outpost, North Carolina