School of the Alternative is a socially integrated experience with intimate classes, communal living, and emphasis on shared labor. We will all live, learn, teach, and work together. Our faculty and scholarship deadline has passed, but we are keeping student admission open for our two sessions this May! 

Our Sessions are as follows: Session 1: May 6-May 18th   |   Session 2: May 18th-May 30th

We want to be accessible to anyone who wants access. We want to share our programming with all–regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, income level, educational experience, or background. We value reciprocal education, wherein dialogue between peers, students, teachers, and community members creates space for all to learn. We are thrilled that you are interested in joining us this year! 


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Join us for 2 weeks as a student! Price for 1 two week session is $800 and includes lodging, food, etc.! There are no pre requisites, and no requirements other than you be 18+.