WEEK 1: May 9-May 15

Kate O' Connor
Kate O’Connor is an Emmy nominated art director, illustrator and painter living in Los Angeles. She holds fine art and communication design degrees from The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and an MFA from Yale University. Kate has received numerous awards including a One Show Pencil, a D&AD award and a Cannes Lion

Her illustration clients include The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, The Walrus, Oprah Magazine and Print Magazine. She has also art directed and illustrated album covers for Ninja Tune and Warner Records.

Over the last few years Kate has participated in artist residencies including Struts Gallery in Sackville, New Brunswick, the Vermont Studio Centre in Johnson and the Institute for Studio Studies in Auvillar, France with Yale University. She has shown her work in Europe, the US and Canada including Katherine Mulherin Art Projects in Toronto. Her ASS series (a collaboration with artist Gareth Long) was purchased by Michael Stipe in 2013 for his personal collection.

She is currently part-time teaching at Otis College of Art and Design, freelancing as a creative director and art director and maintaining a studio practice in Los Angeles.

Emilia Turner
Is a multi-disciplinary and process-based artist from Los Angeles, USA. They work mainly in the realms of photography, performance, and sound, engaging themes of gender, alchemy, conservation, and altered stated of consciousness. They have exhibited both visual and performance-based work in New York City, Los Angeles, North Carolina, and Iceland. Emilia has composed and performed in various musical projects (Liminals, Paradot, Sloppy Jane) and is a co-founder of the experimental record label Black Mountain Airport.

Sky Dai + Eliah Eason
Sky Dai’s art personifies domestic space to represent the erasure of the childhood home they fled from. Inspired by how Post Traumatic Stress Disorder causes the brain to reassemble memory through intrusive flashbacks and nightmares, they collect memory fragments as paintings, ceramic sculpture, performance, and poetry. They are living in Columbus, Ohio where they are completing a BFA in fine arts and creative writing at Columbus College of Art and Design. Dai has exhibited in galleries such as Wild Goose Creative, Carnegie Gallery, Studio C Gallery in Los Angeles, and the 2018 Southern Miss Ceramics National. They are the recipient of the 1st Place in the Poetry Contest at Columbus College of Art and Design, as well as 1st Place in the Polaris Literary Journal Art Contest. Dai has performed in Public Service Announcement and Goths on a Beach with the Razzle Dazzle Da-Da Performance Group. As a triple Pisces, Dai also collects orange peels, reads tarot, and has a pet goldfish named Sarah Lucas as a ready-made sculpture.

Chandler Eliah Eason’s work is post-traumatic, moving on a graveyard of lived experience. They are a clown/poet/actor/witch/orphan/sorcerer from Portsmouth,Virginia with a background in devised theatre, authentic movement and voice, clown and anti-clowning, film, acrobatics, and autobiography. They have a BFA in Theatre from New York University where they spent four years of training in the Experimental Theatre Wing, cultivating in a 40 minute thesis project entitled “Rusty Catfish Wonder.” This winter they performed in Sophie Amieva’s “Medusa Volution”: the story of a young maiden turned into a monster as punishment for being raped by Poseidon. They frequently perform their poetry at open mics and DIY spaces in Brooklyn, and, their poem “Risking’s Exposures” was recently published alongside 51 artists in the anthology “Reallygaystuff2018.” All profits for this book went towards raising money for overdose prevention sites in Canada. Currently, they are participating in Artists Anonymous, a 13 step program hosted by Karen Finley for artists who feel that their lives have been affected by art making, the art world, and the troubles of maintaining a creative life and career.

Parch Es
Parch Es is a media artist from Mexico City currently based in Los Angeles. His work draws from a wide range of disciplines - from painting, performance, and poetry to social relations to virtual reality - to build assemblages: a word that means both ‘collage’ and ‘network’. His objective is to disrupt the human, linear and directional experience of time in order to explore the alien subjectivities that may emerge from relations to time that are nonlinear and multi- dimensional.

Carolyn A'Hearn
Carolyn A’Hearn is an artist, designer + educator. She is interested in typography and language, adornment, antiquity/decay, earth elements, screengrabs, and outmoded forms of technology, reproduction, and communication.

Alexander Chaparro
Alexander Chaparro works part time at Housing Court Answers, a non-profit that helps unrepresented litigants in NYC landlord-tenant's court by providing legal, rights and public benefits information. In the other parts of time Chaparro contributes to the Venezuelan publishing initiative Tercer Mundo Editorial, participates in the Open Edition Library at 7 Belvidere in Brooklyn, and hangs out with loved ones.

Alexandra Velasco
Alexandra Velasco is a multimedia artist from Mexico City currently living in Los Angeles. She believes in art and the power art has to create empathy and remind people of their own humanity as well as their animal nature.

Tina Carlisi
I am a socially engaged artist from Montréal, Canada who values community, popular education, creativity and friendship as radical ways of being in the world. Whether it is through art actions, encounters, happenings, poetry or DIY print practices, my practice is driven by creating situations that brings people together. Through ephemeral and intimate ways of making and performing, I consider how seemingly simple gestures can be deeply profound. I am currently completing my PhD in Fine Arts which involves field research on communes and squats in Copenhagen, London and Barcelona — investigating the the social and material intimacies involved at the intersection between communal living, learning and artistic expression.

Alottadentata is a self taught artist and obligate cat lady focused on religious studies and art of diasporic traditions. She is pursuing a masters in American Studies and a career in higher education diversity and inclusion.

WEEK 2: May 16-May 22

Luan Sherman
Luan Joy Sherman is a queer, trans artist living in Chicago, IL. He is currently pursuing an MFA in Sculpture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and spends most of his time rock climbing, stretching, writing, and learning new skills. He drives an old car, would like to learn to play the piano, and recently started eating tuna again after years of being vegan.

Aimee Lin
Aimee is an interdisciplinary artist based in Philadelphia and Baltimore with a background in fiber, specifically weaving and natural dyeing. Informed by deep ecology and the interconnectedness of everything, her work is a meditation on empathy evoked through the gestural potential of material and ritual.

Chelsea Ragan
Chelsea Ragan is a multidisciplinary artist, mother, wife, DIY organizer and curator based in Black Mountain, NC. She is passionate about redefining outsider/folk art for the 21st century, Artist vs. Motherhood relationship and art made in the American South. Chelsea Ragan has an MFA from Mount Royal School of Art at Maryland Institute College of Art and BFA in Painting from University of Georgia.

Max Spitzer
Max Spitzer is a teaching artist who works with large sculptures and small children. Max’s ongoing studio practice questions the social implications of art making and its potential to be harnessed as an educational tool. HIs work has been installed in galleries, classrooms, fields, and alleyways. Max graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2012 and worked as a kindergarten through ninth grade classroom art teacher in Western Massachusetts for four years and as the education program manager at Omi International Arts Center before relocating to Pittsburgh in order to participate in the MFA program at Carnegie Mellon University. Max likes horses, takes comfort in planning ahead and kinds of knows how to repair guitars, but if it’s valuable you should probably take it to a professional.

Lila Lee
Lila Lee, born & raised in Hawaii, studied photography & imaging at Art Center College of Design. Interested in how things are made, rocks, cheese, skateboarding.

Lo Bil
Lo Bil is a Toronto -based queer settler artist creating body-based experiments to generate intuitive “felt” research into academic concepts. lo’s improvisatory performances involve spontaneous utterance, impulse-based scores, object manipulation, unexpected humour, and inter-relational  proposals with audience. Training includes performance art, Pochinko clown, Gaulier bouffon, and improvisational forms from contemporary dance and comedy.

Since 2014, lo has created over 25 unrepeatable performances, winning the FADO Live Art Award at Summerworks 2015. In 2018, lo presented performance-research at five conferences including “In Motion/Borders” at Northwestern University, Chicago. In 2019, lo will present work at Gruentaler 9 Project Space (Berlin), 4th Biennial of Performance Philosophy Research Festival & Conference (Amsterdam), Cloud Danslab (The Hague) and at The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics’s Encuentro (Mexico City).

Tim Kerr
Tim Kerr was born in 1956 and raised in Texas, and is now living in Austin, Texas with his wife, Beth. His first art award was winning a fire prevention poster contest in elementary school. He earned a degree in painting and photography at the University of Texas in Austin and studied the latter with Garry Winogrand. Tim shows his artwork in the US and abroad from galleries including PS1 in New York, 96 Gillespie in London, Slowboy Gallery in Germany, Thirdman Records, and Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago. He has also been involved in painting murals in Texas, Nashville, New York, California, and Montgomery. Also a musician, he was a founding member of The Big Boys, Poison 13, Bad Mutha Goose, Lord High Fixers and Monkeywrench, among others.

WEEK 3: May 23-May 29

Alessandro Maione
Alessandro Maione is a composer and sound artist currently based in flux. He is formally trained in composition from The Berklee College of Music where his interest in unorthodox notation and multimedia performance led him to his further studies at Suffolk University in philosophy. Alessandro studied under composer Keith Kramer, and philosophers Janet Chwalibog, Donna Giancola, and Montgomery Link.During his time spent in Boston, Massachusetts, Alessandro pioneered the underground punk venue XENOGOGUE, which later promoted his band GAMMAPOPE; an experimental noise rock orchestra, which later was recognized by The Boston Hassle. Lastly, Alessandro was a resident of Elsewhere Studios, working on an ongoing collaborative project with visual artist and painter, Henry Kunkel, combining the mediums of auditory and visual in the form of a graphic score.

Shawn Lukitsch
Shawn has been actively riding freight trains since April 13th 1994. He has ridden across all of the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Shawn has been the author of several zines on the subject, the producer of The Hobo Film Festival series of national tours featuring films soley about riding freight trains, been included in group photo shows and has participated actively in the moniker art community for over two decades

Maria Judice
M is a visual storytelling working in cinema, photography, and public art with an M.F.A. from CalArts in Film/Vidos. WIRED magazine called her a “filmmaker provocateur,” bridging technology thinking with art-making. Currently, she is working on her second long form film, “ELEPHANT.

Jonathan Curtin
Jonathan Curtin is a transgender female auto mechanic and avid automotive enthusiast. In May 2018 she completed the associates program in applied science for automotive technology at Oklahoma City Community College and holds five ASE certifications. She worked as an auto service technician for the City of Norman Public Works department before enrolling at the University of Oklahoma where she is going for a BA in Women and Gender Studies. She also loves her Welsh Corgie, Georgie, and old Hondas.

Beth Bridgeman
Beth Bridgeman is an assistant professor of cooperative education at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio, where she teaches a series of sustainability courses focused on reskilling, resilience, gratitude, community engagement and commensality. Courses also incorporate exploration  of the epistemology of joy and how to move forward with “thrival”, not just survival, in the Anthropocene. They are place based; utilizing the Antioch Farmand environs, and incorporate ideas of democratic education, differentiated learning and peer-to-peer teaching. Throughout the courses thus far, students have taught each other skills such as spinning, salt tanning of a hide of a sheep from the Antioch Farm, making cordage from wood nettle, slippery elm cough syrup, acorn bread, knitting, walnut ink, goat-milking, foraging, and harvesting and making dandelion tea.

Lydia See
Lydia See is a multidisciplinary practitioner, educator, and curator of art + archives who is passionate about the uses of art for social justice + civic engagement. She is interested in factors which mediate identity, both individual and environmental. this inquiry is rooted in history: literal and conceptual, local and global, intimate and environmental, personal and anonymous, colonized and indigenous.

Jacki Huntington
Jacki Huntington is a freelance director, editor, and cinematographer with a specialization in(and unabashed love of) documentary narratives. Her work has brought her inside women’s craft collectives in Haiti, through the marijuana grow operation of Sisters of the Valley, up and down the steps of Jerusalem’s Old City, and into a clothes ­optional eco­village in Western North Carolina. She previously worked as a producer at Refinery29 in New York City, where she piloted the unapologetically feminist, body positive video content that continues to influence the brand's video aesthetic. She grew up in North Carolina and studied journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Missing her Brooklyn lifestyle (but not the weather), she now lives in Los Angeles with no car.